The Best Method for Taking Plumeria Cuttings

The Best Method for Taking Plumeria Cuttings

We were busy this past weekend at Big Island Plumeria! We cut over 50+ new cuttings! We have several new plants that are done rooting that will be able to come off the heat mat very soon and available for purchase to come to your garden!

Interested in our process? Here are the steps we take to make sure you get the healthiest of cuttings.

1. We sterilize our clippers with each cut we do.

2. Measure the length of how much we will cut to make sure the length will be able to be shipped, as well as leave room for growth. 

3. Cut at an angle to keep our parent tree healthy so water doesn't accumulate on the cut surface at the freshly cut section. 

4. Label the cutting the cultivar we cut!

5. Sterilize again and clip leaves off cutting, leaving 1/2 inch nubs.

6. Then we lay the cuttings and give them a week or two for the cut to callus over.

7. Apply the rooting compound and get them rooting for you! 

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