BIP Care Instructions

Your plumeria will arrive with roots and is ready to plant. The Department of Agriculture has many rules regarding the import of live plants. The laws of importing plants vary from state to state. In addition to the Department of Agriculture laws, it is less stressful on the Plumeria to ship with little to no soil and leaves. Our plants are always individually, carefully wrapped and packaged to ensure freshness upon arrival.

  • Upon receiving your rooted cutting:

    • Carefully remove the tape, plastic bag or cup, and paper towel if one is present.

    • If your plant arrives in a plastic pot, you may keep it in the pot for a while, then remove the pot and transplant.
    • At Big Island Plumeria, we use a 50%/50% mix of Potting Soil and Perilite. Some plumeria growers prefer a cactus soil instead.

    • IMPORTANT: Choose a pot with good drainage!
    • The plumeria leaves have been removed for shipping, and the nubs will fall off naturally in a week or two.
  • Once you have potted your plant:

    • Water it thoroughly and place it in a sunny location.

    • It will need approximately 6 hours of sun each day.
    • Water only when dry, Overwatering plumeria can cause root rot.
    • Plumeria will grow as large as the space you provide for them. They are tropical trees and prefer temperatures above 40 degrees.
  • During the winter months:

    • the Plumeria is dormant and requires, little, if any, water.
    • The leaves will turn yellow and defoliate naturally, this is normal.
    • Plumeria plants must be protected from frost and freeze.
  • Pest Control Measures:

    • Common pests and fungi of plumeria include spider mites, mealy bugs, scale and rust.
    • You should use a foliar spray to treat these common problems. We recommend using BioAdvance 3:1.
    • For routine control, diluted water and alcohol in a spray bottle is also effective.
  • Receiving your Seeds:

    Fresh seeds should be soaked for 24 hours in filtered water upon arrival. You may have your own method of sowing seeds. If you are new to sowing seeds, you may choose to purchase a Jiffy Peat Pellet Greenhouse Kit (found in most garden centers). Plant the seeds with the feather end up, just above the soil line. Place the seeds in a shady, warm location (not too hot) until germination. (We do not use the greenhouse clear lids, due to our very humid climate, it is not necessary.) It is important that the seeds are kept moist and not allowed to dry out. Once your seeds have sprouted and grown 2-3 inches, you can simply plant the entire peat bag into a larger container and not disturb your new seedling roots!

    New seedlings should not be allowed to go dormant during the first year as they are too tender.

Given proper care, your Plumeria can provide years of beautiful, fragrant blooms to you and your garden!