Where are you located?

We are located in Jacksonville, FL. Most of our trees originated from cuttings from the Big Island and surrounding islands. We are not open to the public, but local pick-up is available to customers after an online purchase is made.

I am local. May I swing by and browse your inventory?

No. We are not open to the public. Our nursery is based out of our residence. We sell our plants online and ship nationwide. During checkout, there is a local pick-up option for our local customers.

Can I plant my rooted cutting in the ground?

Plumerias are sub-tropical plants. They like warm temperatures and well draining soil. If winter temperatures in your area drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, we recommend keeping them in well draining pots which can be moved to a protected area during the winter.

How do I repot my plumeria?

We have found that the best way to repot is to lightly tap around the outside of the pot and pull up on the base of the trunk. You may need an extra set of hands just for support of the tree as the branches can easily break. If that doesn't work and the tree is overly root bound, you may have to cut or break the pot to remove the tree.

When will my plumeria rooted cutting bloom?

It is normal for a freshly rooted Plumeria to not bloom the first year. Give it a good fertilizer and be patient.

What soil do I use?

At Big Island Plumeria, we use a 50%/50% mix of Potting Soil and Perilite. Some plumeria growers prefer a cactus soil instead. Whichever method you choose, it is important that the plant has good drainage at all times.

What kind of pest control measures do I need to take?

Common pests and fungi of plumeria include spider mites, mealy bugs, scale and rust. You should use a foliar spray to treat these common problems. We recommend using BioAdvance 3:1. For routine control, diluted water and alcohol in a spray bottle is also effective.