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Big Island Plumeria

Bridal Bouquet (Pudica) Plumeria - Local

Bridal Bouquet (Pudica) Plumeria - Local

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The Bridal Bouquet (Pudica) is a unique Plumeria. It grows rapidly and produces beautiful white blossoms with a yellow center in bunches, like a bouquet. The leaves are long and curled, making it unique. Unlike all other plumeria, this one is beautiful for any collection but does not have a fragrance, however, lack of fragrance is made up by the bunches of beautiful, prolific, abundant blooms.

Purchase of the Bridal Bouquet will include one rooted cutting of similar size as represented in the photo above and will be 21 inches tall or taller. Due to the length of these particular cuttings they are ONLY available for LOCAL pick up. Most, but not all rooted cuttings, have multiple growth tips.

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